Why You Should Shoot your iPhone or Android Photos in 3D

If you’re looking to enhance and amplify your photographs, then keep reading! In this blog post, we’re giving a list of reasons why you should be shooting your photos in 3D using the LucidPix app.

It’s a challenge

Quite often, we get into the routine of feeling comfortable in the things we do which can lead us to become repetitive. For example, it’s easy to just take out your iPhone or Android smartphone and shoot a quick, regular 2D photo, use a few simple editing tools and be done. However, if you want to challenge yourself as a photographer, and maximize the impact your photos have on the viewer, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. One way of doing this is by taking 3D Photos. Although this requires a bit more effort, the pay off and satisfaction of capturing that perfect 3D Photo is huge! You can also check out these steps to help you take the best 3D Photo.

It’s great for business

Have you been experiencing a slow down in audience engagement on your social media posts? Try changing things up by introducing 3D Photos as a method to promote your business. By posting on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll differentiate yourself from your competitors whilst also gaining higher audience engagement. In our experience, the same photo posted as a regular 2D photo and as a LucidPix 3D Photo get significantly more engagement in 3D. It’s almost like converting your regular 2D photo to LucidPix 3D is like doing a free post boost!

It’s unique

Following on from above, the reason LucidPix 3D Photos receive higher engagement is because 3D Photos are not yet mainstream. It gives off the feeling that it’s advanced, forward looking, exclusive, and unique. Not only is the concept special, but so are the 3D Photos that are created. Even better, 3D Photos move as you scroll past or interact with them on Facebook, causing viewers to take pause and interact with your post, making them more likely to hit the like or share button. 3D Photos can also increase recollection of your business’ message. It’s hard to beat that!

It’s great for capturing depth

A simple photo such as the one below can be transformed with the tap of a button. You can choose to enhance a variety of photos for example an abstract image or just a straightforward portrait, regardless of the subject, he advanced AI built into LucidPix allows you to capture and create greater depth to bring your photos to life! 

It’s trending

3D photo taking is becoming increasingly popular, especially after Facebook’s introduction to posting 3D photos, it’s definitely a rising trend. With Facebook groups such as LucidPix 3D Photos on Facebook, Facebook 3D Photo, etc. you’re able to post your own creations and gain inspiration from others!

You can Download the app for Android and Download for iPhone, making sure to share your photos on the LucidPix Facebook pages for a chance to get featured in the group! You can find the link to the groups below:

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