What Is LucidPix?

LucidPix is a new app for iOS and Android that allows you to create, view and share photos that really pop out from your screen. Download LucidPix today!

LucidPix unlocks the world of a new world of photos on your smartphone, allowing you to capture 3D Photos on any device, without the need for multiple cameras. You can also add fun 3D Frames to your photos and convert your regular 2D photos into depth-enhanced 3D Photos. 

Unlike traditional photo apps, our advanced artificial intelligence adds depth to your photos without requiring you to move your phone during capture, or tricking your eyes with looping video. Plus, LucidPix does not require special glasses, headsets or a 3D screen to display your images!

Add Fun 3D Frames

LucidPix brings your photos to life by adding a variety of fun 3D Frames to your photos.

Shoot Real 3D Photos

Capture 3D Photos with your single lens camera to share on Facebook, Instagram and more.

Convert 2D Photos to 3D Photos

LucidPix can convert your regular photos taken with any camera into rich 3D Photos with just one tap.

Share Your Creations

Connect with a community of 3D enthusiasts within LucidPix and share your creations on social media.

LucidPic 3D Photo