Try Your Hand at Pet Photography

Everybody loves their pets. Taking photographs of them really captures moments that you will want to treasure forever. What’s even better, is transforming those pet photographs into 3D images that offer unique and fun ways to show them off in social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Friends and family will be delighted to see these fun images because we know everybody loves awesome pet photography! 

With the LucidPix app, these kinds of images can become a reality. And how about video? Capturing video images of your pets running, jumping or playing will impress everyone. 

Pets are often difficult to photograph due to their constant movement and speed. Pet photography can provide you with all kinds of opportunities to improve your skill set. 

Photo of a woman and her pet dog

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you capture great photos of your pets:

Be sure that you are shooting your photograph with good lighting

Usually, the best pet pictures are taken outdoors in the sunlight, or in a well-lit room. As a rule, avoid snapping pictures with a camera flash when the pet has a strange glow in his eye, often caused by a reflective layer inside it. Keep in mind that most cell phone cameras take grainy, often blurry and low quality photos in low light, so do you best to choose a well-lit scene for your photoshoot.

Get Down To Their Level

Situate your camera around the same height as your pet, whether he is standing, sitting or lying down. Taking a picture from this angle will give the viewer a good sense of the pet’s perspective. 

A Well-Trained Animal Makes Pet Photography Easier

Teaching your dog (probably not so much with your cat), commands such as, “sit” and “stay” will keep them in place while you snap a photograph. You might spend some time teaching them these commands, but it’s well worth it, as these commands can be used in everyday life as well.

Offer Them Treats

Another good way to get your pet to “strike that pose” is to offer them treats. Reward them when they are cooperative with a tasty snack. It’s also a good way to get their attention. Seek a friend’s help if you are too busy holding a camera.

Photo of a Cat

 Be Patient When Doing Pet Photography

Pet photography takes a lot of patience. Practice being patient with your pet, and he will eventually relax and you can get a decent shot. The best pet photography was probably not done on the first try! If your pet is energetic, try taking them for a walk prior to the photoshoot to try and get out some of their energy. 

Give Value To Their Character

What kind of personality does your pet have? All pets exhibit unique characteristics that you learn to love. Kittens are playful — show them in their natural state. If your dog is toy-focused throw him his favorite toy. 

Imagine the Possibilities

Turning action shots, such as your pet running or playing, is a wonderful opportunity for a 3D photo. The LucidPix app can turn these photos into delightful images that will jump right out of the phone. Check out our blog post on how to take 3D photos with our app.  Then download our app today!