Top 5 Apps for Mobile Photography

In need of some apps to help you change up the look of your photo? We’ve picked our Top 5 Mobile Photography Apps of 2020 so far! Keep reading to see exactly how you can elevate and enhance your picture taking.

Boomerang by Instagram

A cult favourite, Boomerang by Instagram aims to make “everyday moments fun and unexpected”. The app creates a “boomerang” effect by taking short burst photos and then looping them together to create one coherent video. You can access it through the App Store (available on both Android and iPhone) or you can use it directly on Instagram. Boomerang is a quick and easy solution to making your photos different however it is widely used by many people, so you may want to opt for an app that’s slightly more unique! As there are no additional features added to the app’s update, its very easy to use and understand.

Huji Cam

Get ready to take a step back into the 90’s with this nostalgic camera app! ““HUJI Cam makes your moments as precious as the feelings of analog film with old memories.” The app achieves this effect with different overlays on the photo (sometimes making it blurry as can be seen below to give it an “aged” effect). You can also adjust your photos by adding a date and time stamp to make it look more authentic! You can take photos and save them on the app directly, making it super easy to use. Try out the app if you want to experiment with the look of your photos and turn them into “disposables” without the wait!


LucidPix is a one of a kind photo app that transforms an image into 3D using the advanced AI built into it. You can choose to enhance a variety of photos for example a portrait of your dog, an abstract image, or even a selfie! Regardless of the subject, you can capture and create greater depth to bring your photos to life. The app has many features, including frames and filters to help customise your image! Easily share your creations to Facebook or Instagram with the tap of a button. This unique app is sure to make your pictures stand out!

For a step-by-step guide on how to use LucidPix, click here!


This app creates wigglegram images that the user can customize with a wide range of filters. FILM3D is great for Instagram if you’re looking to try something new and hop on the trend. It should be noted that the image doesn’t pop out of the screen in comparison to LucidPix however it does give a subtle 3D effect. When opening the app, it is immediately placed in capture mode and is easy to use with one tap of a button!

Camera+ Legacy

This app is perfect for those that want to enhance or improve the quality of their photos. Camera+ Legacy offers a variety of options to choose from such as Digital Zoom, Horizon Level, Clarity etc. These work together to help you create the best picture possible! The app is slightly more complicated to use compared to the others however, after the second or third time using the app, you get the hang of it!

“The Clarity filter is iPhone photography’s secret sauce—it adds pro-camera crispness to almost any shot.”— Kevin Sintumuang, The Wall Street Journal

Do you agree with our list? Let us know if there are any other great apps for mobile photography that you use!

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