Top 10 Best Landscape Photography Taken by Travelers Around the World

On this occasion, we want to show you some examples of great landscape photography taken by adventurous travelers on their holidays and not always with the best equipment. We know in every travel excursion, we want to take great pictures for our memories and share them to the world. Read on and we will share with you examples of great landscape pictures, description of the location where it was taken (ideas for your next trip?) and some description of the landscape photography, technique and tips. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas as you admire with us these great photographs, locations and amazing eye of their authors.

#10 – ALASKA


This amazing photo was taken in Chugach State Park, which is located in Southcentral Alaska, mostly within the Municipality of Anchorage. This park is one of the four largest state parks in the United States. The region contains a great ocean shoreline, a lot of abundant lakes, immense glaciers and ice fields. All of this makes the park an amazing spot for landscape photography.

For this photograph, our traveller had to put his hands on freezing water until he got this amazing shot. The effect of the closeness of the water gives a great depth with the mountains in the background, that is a great tip for your photography. Playing with the depth of the picture will give a great result for your memorable photographs. It’s important to mention the light going thru the ice, giving the photography the extra touch of greatness. 



This incredible photo was taken in Singapore, facing the Marina Bay Sands resort, during a beautiful night. Marina Bay Sands is an integrated resort at the front of Marina Bay in Singapore, owned by the Las Vegas Sands corporation.

This is the one of the most recognizable buildings in Singapore. In this photograph, our traveller uses the water in the still bay as a mirror. We can see how the water reproduces the hotel’s lights, making an incredible mirror effect. This landscape photography technique is definitely a must for your next holiday.

#8 – CHINA


This landscape photography is stunning, not much explanation needed, right? This photograph was taken on The Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is the collective name of a series of fortification systems generally built across the historical northern borders of China to protect and consolidate territories of Chinese states and empires against various nomadic groups of the steppe and their polities.

This amazing location is definitely a great idea for landscape photography. In this photo, our photographer included people, which helps add all-important scale to the image. This photo could definitely be great for a landscape photography magazine.



This landscape photography is amazing for the perspective that creates and the respect for the trees while constructing the road around them. This photo was taken on Al Qudra Road in Dubai.

For this style of photography, we recommend using a wide-angle lens that will help us to get as much as possible around us. Is very important that you select carefully the type of lens you would use for landscape photography. 


Polar Circle Marathon Greenland, A Great Example of Landscape Photography


This is without a doubt the coolest marathon on earth. This is the Polar Circle Marathon which gathers the world’s craziest/most determined joggers at one of the world’s northernmost points for 42 kilometers of ice, ice, baby.

This photo was taken at Greenland where most of it is cover by snow. One of the biggest challenges you will experience while taking the perfect landscape photography is the capture of movement. In this amazing landscape photography, the author did a great job of getting the runners and the landscape without losing quality with the movement. For this type of landscape photography is good that you have the proper photo equipment.



This amazing picture was taken in New York and capture the most amazing colours of the sunset. This landscape photography is a great example of the great mirror effect that the water can create when we have the correct light and technique.

The great yellows and oranges that the sun creates reflect perfectly in the water giving a plus to our landscape photography. We recommend you to try this technique, with the time you will master the skills to create amazing photographs



This landscape photography was taken at Kelin King Beach in Nusa Penida. This is a great spot for romantic photos due to the heart-shaped floor and a stunning view. In this example we want to show you how using a drone could give you great access to the view. Drones have become the new secret of landscape photography for photographers for their great capacity. This picture also shows us very good management of the natural light.


Landscape in Oludeniz, Turkey

This landscape photography was taken at Oludeniz, Turkey. This is a great spot due to the rocky view of this country. For this photo, we want to recommend you use a Go-Pro with their stick. This accessory helps us to have a bigger angle to our photography and like in the case of this photograph you will be able to be in the photograph without losing any detail of the landscape. This is going to be your favorite photograph accessory!



This photograph was taken in Venice, Italy on a very colorful sunset. This photo captured so many great colors in the sky that reflects a great technique and skills. In this picture, we can appreciate a combination of different tips for landscape photography that we had mentioned before. Great equipment, technique and a great capture of the moment. 


Wat Samphran Dragon Temple Landscape


Wat Samphran Dragon Temple is located in Nakhon Pathom just 40km west of Bangkok. In this beautiful landscape photography, the author is using a drone to maximize the caption of the temple. The natural light effect in the mouth of the dragon is definitely stunning. The last and most important tip we want to give you is use your creativity in your favor. Let your mind be free and try all these tips, we are sure you will take amazing landscape photographs!

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