Tips on How To Shoot Great Nature Photography

lake by mountain to illustrate nature photography

On a hike? Feel like you are seeing great photo opportunities? Nature can be some of the most beautiful photography you can capture. Nature photography includes photography taken outdoors and displays natural elements such as landscapes, wildlife, and plants.

Here are a few tips to follow if you are looking to step out into nature and start shooting.

Have a Plan

Be sure to wear a good pair of hiking shoes or boots and dress appropriately for the weather. To stay warm, layer clothing so you can peel off outer layers if you need to cool off. Let someone know where you are going in case you get lost.

Find the Best Camera

An iPhone or Android smartphone can be used to create stunning nature photographs. Many phones now include dual lenses and optic zooming. Most professional photographers prefer a camera with a DSLR, but amateurs can always start with a phone. 

Smartphone cameras have at least two different shooting modes. These can range from automated modes including portrait, landscape, Sport Shot, sequence/burst mode, HDR, and panorama, to the more advanced manual or “pro” mode.

The more you experiment, the easier it will be to know which one to use.

Close-up nature photography doesn’t always need a macro lens. Some scenes are small enough that they are considered different from regular landscapes. Macro photography is close-up photography, often used in nature photographs. Common macro subjects include insects and birds.

trees in a forest

Choose the Best Time of Day

Choose a good time of day to shoot photos. Try to avoid crowds and find areas where there are few passer-bys.  Avoid high-traffic “tourist” areas, particularly when it comes to popular national parks and other landmarks.

Use Different Angles and Perspectives

Nature photography is all about shooting scenery that pleases you. Scout around for areas that you find pleasant and appealing. You’ll be sure to find some great nature shots there.

If you’re stumped, study other nature photographer’s work for inspiration. You’ll soon discover your own style. Study angles, coordination of colors within the frame, and how close they get to their subject, such as an animal or a flower. Experiment with different angles and perspectives. 

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Photographing Animals

Try not to disturb animals in their natural habitat. Be patient. Do some research to understand the animal before you go out. It is really worth it to wait a few moments before getting your shot. The important thing is to not get discouraged! Also, make sure you are at an appropriate distance. They can get frightened and run away easily.

bird perched on plant to illustrate animal photography

Have More Fun with 3D

Nature photography allows you, as the photographer, to be creative and bold. These types of shots can be made even more beautiful with LucidPix. Nature photos of this kind will be gorgeous 3D additions to your photo collection! Download the app today!