Tips for Taking City Photography

A city can be a great place to take photographs, but sometimes it can be difficult to capture the real beauty of the cityscape. Here are some tips on how to take the best city photography and all the details you want to catch.

Tip #1: Use the Streets To Your Advantage

The streets of a city can be used as leading lines in your photographs. Leading lines are a compositional photography tool that are used as a guide for the viewer to direct their attention to a specific point. Using the streets or alleyway of a city, can help give the subject or background of your photo a cool effect.

Tip #2: Get a Bird’s Eye View

Taking a photo of a cityscape from a high point of view can help give the viewer a better idea of what the overall city looks like. Since most people are used to viewing the city from street level, seeing it from a higher vantage point can make a photo much more engaging. The bird’s eye view photo of Lombard Street in San Francisco really shows the viewer just how windy the road is.

Tip #3: Get Low

Getting on a knee and taking a photo of a tall building from the bottom up can be a very interesting photograph because it emphasizes the height. This can give your viewer a better look at how tall some of the buildings are in the city you’re photographing.

Tip #4: Find a Body of Water

Many cities are near bodies of water, and these bodies of water can add more interesting effects to your photos. Taking a photo of a cityscape behind a body of water can also reduce any distracting subjects you may have in the foreground. You can also take a photograph of the city from across the body of water at night, creating a reflective photograph. For cities on the coast, sightseeing boat trips are often worth the cost of admission, as they provide a view of the city that you rarely get to see/ You can read additional tips on reflective photography in our other blog.

Cities are a great place to take amazing photographs because of the gorgeous scenery, vibrant backgrounds, and great energy. Next time you go into the city, take some photos and convert them into 3D photographs to post to our Facebook group for everyone to see!