Tips for Great Animal Photography

Animals are one of the top subjects to photograph, whether they’re wild animals or your own pets. Here are five tips to help you take the best animal photography along with examples to show you what works best! 

Tip #1: Focus on the Animal

It may sound simple, but make sure your subject is in sharp focus. The extra detail gained between a sharp focus and soft focus can really help make your photo pop. If you are shooting in low light, try to make sure that the animal stays as still as possible, to prevent any blurriness or loss of detail. Keeping the animal in the middle of the frame will make it the centerpiece of the photo, and ensures all features of the animal are included in a 3D conversion as well.

Tip #2: Make the Animal Stand Out

Take the photo of your animal in front of a contrasting background. Having the animal stand out from the background can help bring the attention to your subject and really emphasize the features or actions you intended. Using a solid colored background can ensure the animal does not get lost or blend into a busy background. 

Tip #3: Test Out Different Angles

Like people, animals often have “good sides” when being photographed. Testing out different angles while taking your photograph can help you find the perspective that best complements the animal. For a tall animal, such as giraffes, you could get on your knees and take the photo looking upwards, emphasizing their long necks. Capturing a photo using close up angles of your subject can capture details that wouldn’t be seen from further angles. Taking a close up shot of a lion from a slightly higher can make for a captivating 3D photo. This is a great way to capture the features of any animal’s facial structure and expression. 

Tip #4: Get An Action Shot 

An action shot of an animal is a great way to tell a story within one photograph. You can snap a photo of your dog rolling around in the grass, a cat playing with a toy, birds flying, and so much more. If you’re taking a photo of a wild animal, make sure you respect the animal’s distance and stay safe while capturing your perfect shot. Action shots of animals also convert into interesting 3D photos, so take an action shot and put it into the LucidPix app to see your subject in action!

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