The Best Way to Capture Photos in National Parks

There are many ways to try and capture the glory and absolute majesty of America’s National Parks. Sights like the Colorado River a mile straight down in the Grand Canyon, the geysers at Yellow Stone, Mount Rushmore carved into the Black Hills mountainside, or the invisible movement of Joshua Tree, are all impossible to completely capture with a camera, but you can come closer than ever before.

New AI technology has the ability to create 3D images with the pictures you take at any national park. This brilliant new development, gives these landmarks the opportunity for their full glory to be taken in. The depth and interaction that 3D photos provide give the viewer more than they’ve ever had before, bringing your audience closer to the true beauty of the land.

Importance of Capturing National Parks

Take Mount Rushmore in Black Hills National park, which attracts nearly 3 million tourists every year to gaze at its glory. That’s 1% of the US population every year who are willing to take time out their schedules to travel well out of their way to enjoy the amazement of those faces carved out of the rock.

Just imagine how many people don’t have the opportunity to go see it, but use their search engine just to get an image of it. Now imagine how much more satisfying it would be to all of those people if all of those images were in 3D. They could actually be immersed in the environment of the monument. To them it could feel like they were actually standing at the base of the mountain, looking up at the face of Abraham Lincoln.

An image that interacts with the way you tilt your screen or slide a picture, giving one the feeling of walking along a trail. That is what 3D photos, can do for these empowering lands, is give some sort of happiness to those who may not get a chance to travel somewhere like Mount Rushmore. That is how it can capture national parks in a way that no other photo can.

Benefits of 3D technology

This is where companies like LucidPix, come in. The depth that each image in itself brings, allows the program to transform your beautiful pictures of these sublime landscapes, into a metaphysical realm of glorious landscape. This is the mission for LucidPix; to make somebody who doesn’t have the opportunity to be somewhere, feel like they are.

There is always going to be places that people never get a chance to see in-person, no matter how far we travel or how much money we have. Now we can come closer than ever to bringing those lands to the people. Why not use this ability to bring joy, happiness, and utter awe to people around the world?

Ultimately that’s what life is about, doing things that make other people happy. So when you are looking to post National Parks or majestic landmarks in another grand arena, try using 3D Image technology; you won’t regret it.

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