Promoting with LucidPix and Marketing Your Products

Many companies are looking for a way to boost their marketing reach, especially in the current economic recession. Consumers are used to seeing the same everyday posts, with the same looks and same content, which puts the small business owner, with an equally small marketing budget, at an immediate disadvantage. There is a new technology that is turning the page for many businesses and heightening their following; 3D images from LucidPix.

With this simple to use app, business owners and managers can look smart while they drive new customers through the door. All it takes is a quick download and the click of a button, and you’ll have the ability to break away from the competition. Promoting your business with LucidPix 3D Photos is pain-free and effortless.

Getting Started

After you’ve downloaded the LucidPix app, you will now have the power to transform your images into masterpieces of modern technological art. To start, open up the app. There you will be asked to create an account for LucidPix or log in with your Google or Facebook account. Once logged in, feel free to look around in the app and learn about its features.

Using the LucidPix App

When it comes to the app itself, it can make a novice look like a tech wizard with how simple it is. On the homepage there will be three icons on the bottom of your screen and two on the top. The bottom left icon is the homepage button, which will bring you back to exactly that, the homepage.

3D Frames

The middle button on the bottom of your screen is the image creation button. This will take you to a page where there are options at the bottom of the screen, including “3D Frame” and “3D Photo”. You will initially be on the “3D Frame” page that allows you to take a picture in that moment with an interactive foreground or background that moves around giving the image a 3D quality. There are many options to choose from for interactive images including food, places, travel destinations and more. They are all great ways to make your experience much more fun and exciting in the moment and your posts more captivating to your audience.

3D Photos

The second option is the “3D Photo” page where you take an image that you have on your phone and convert it into a 3D image, or capture a new 3D photo from within the LucidPix app. Simply select the photo that you wish to turn 3D. After a few seconds of conversion your old 2D image is enhanced in all three dimensions, giving you the ability to share it in a multitude of ways on one of many social media platforms.

Sharing LucidPix Creations

Once you create a 3D Photo in LucidPix, you will be given the ability to share your creation on LucidPix, Facebook, Instagram, and many more messaging and social media apps. Choose how you want to share at the bottom of the screen, where you will see everything from sharing to your own 3D gallery; to being able to share your three dimensional image on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram; and finally even converting it to a GIF or video for you to share however you please.

Sharing Options

When sharing as a GIF or Video, you are able to specify the 3D photo movement. Perhaps your creation looks best when sliding sideways or zooming in on the image. Other photos may look best in orbit mode, experiment to see which looks best. Similarly, you may choose to seed up or slow down the 3D movement, helping make the 3D effect really pop from the screen. These options allow you to easily promote your business with LucidPix, ensuring that you get the most engagement possible.

User Profile

Moving back to the homepage, the final button on the right side of the bottom bar is the profile page icon. Your 3D Frames, Photos, and conversions are accessed by tapping the photo stream icon on the bottom right of the screen. At the top right corner of the page, the settings for your profile are located.

LucidPix Super User

If you would like to have full access to all LucidPix features and export options, you’ll want to become a LucidPix Super User. Tapping on any of the “Get Super” buttons throughout the al will give you the ability to subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis. As a LucidPix Super User you will have full access to the entire app, including all filters, 3D Frames, export speeds, 3D data exports and more. These features will allow you to have much more control over the LucidPix output, offering valuable customizations that can help boost engagement. The extra options unlocked by subscribing to LucidPix Super User can really help when promoting your business, by ensuring that your customers see the best possible 3D output.

Sharing To The LucidPix Gallery

The final button on the homepage is the in-app share, which allows you to share your creations with everybody else using the LucidPix app. All you have to do is select which 3D photo you would like to use, along with the depth map that matches the photo, give a title to your masterpiece, and you are done. After a quick review by our team to make sure the content is appropriate, it will be shared with all LucidPix users.

Short, sweet, and simple, just the way everybody wants it to be. Now you are ready to start promoting with LucidPix.

Share 3D Photo

Promoting with LucidPix

It is very simple to put your new 3D photos into use, and equally as simple to promote yourself or your company with them. Like any other image that you would use, there are optimal places and times that you can insert an image to get the best results, it all just depends on what you are going for as a promoter. Do want to reduce bounce rates on your website? Use a 3D image at the top of your page to draw people’s interest. Are you looking for more interactions on a social media page? Post some 3D images that get people to stop scrolling their social media feed and take a moment to look at your post (they really do get more engagement than a regular photo!). Is there not as many link clicks as you want on your email campaigns? Try inserting a 3D image into that message to improve click through rates.

The possibilities for uses can be endless, you just need to create the right tone and message with your image to go along with your end goal. So go out there and make a difference in your promotional work. This new tool in your marketing toolbox has the ability to make you and your company better just by using it. Always remember, when you are promoting with LucidPix, you are already a step ahead of the competition.