Our Favorite 3D Photos on Facebook

Not surprisingly, we’re huge fans of 3D Photos on Facebook. What was once considered a gimmick, has grown to be so much more. As we’ve found from our social media posts, and from watching posts from other 3D Photo creators, they’re not only fun to look at and interact with, they also do an amazing job of bringing in more likes, comments and follows than a regular photo post.

Perhaps one of our favorite aspects of 3D Photos is that they work in so many different situations. They’re not just limited to selfies or pictures of delicious food; these depth-enhanced photos are great for comics, fine art, landscapes, pet photos, memes, and many more subjects. They’re truly universal in their ability to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Please Note:

For those of you on mobile, be sure to open the Facebook posts in the Facebook app to see them in their 3D glory!
For those of you on your desktop or laptop computers, you can just move your mouse around when hovering over the image to see the 3D effect. However, viewing these 3D Photos full screen makes them even better. To do so, click on the date/time below the posts’ author name and then click on the 3D Photo to make it full screen.

Favorite 3D Photo #1: Grandma Knitting

We love this 3D Photo for several reasons; the first being that it is seriously funny. We can all relate to loving Grandma’s cooking, and the absurdity of her playing a knitting game on her console. Finally, we love that something that was made to be 2D can convert to 3D so well.

Favorite 3D Photo #2: Puppy Dog Eyes

There’s nothing quite like the look puppies can give you when they want something. The combinations of their big eyes, floppy ears, and not-quite-there-yet coordination is enough to make even the coldest heart melt and say, “awwww!” These look are even better in 3D, where the eye follow you around, no matter where you more your head. Ever wonder why we find these pups so irresistible? Perhaps it’s because they evolved to be cute so humans would adopt them and make them part of our family.

Favorite 3D Photo #3: Desert Sunset

There’s nothing quite like a beautiful sunset. Some think our innate love for a beautiful sunset is tied to the ages-old saying of, “Red Sky At Night, Sailor’s Delight, Red Sky In the Morning, Sailors Take Warning,” in that a red sunset tends to predict good weather the following day. Whatever the reason, we love this photo taken by Arpan Das. When converted to 3D, it really helps “bring you there,” helping you feel like you’re really seeing that sunset for yourself.

Favorite 3D Photo #4: Colors After The Rain

Fine art seems to be a speciality of LucidPix 3D Photo Conversion. Since art doesn’t always follow rules of the real world, you never quite know what you’re going to get when you run a piece of art through our conversion tool. The AI engine we created to determine the depth in images, without the use of portrait mode or dual cameras, uses real-world learning. Given scenes like the one above, the artificial intelligence within LucidPix really brings the painting to life, helping you step into this make believe world, just like Mary Poppins and Bert do in her self-titled movie.

Favorite 3D Photo #5: Who Needs Hands?

Let’s not forget about portraits! Facebook 3D Photos are the perfect way to take your next portrait to another level. Take, for example, this photo of a young lady standing on her hands and aiming a bow and arrow. In 2D, it’s a neat photo, worth a quick glance, but nothing more. When converted to 3D, it takes on a new life. You know you moved your phone or mouse around to help her aim!

Favorite 3D Photo #6: Seurat’s A Sunday on La Grande Jatte

Great #D conversions are not limited to impressionistic paintings. Seurat’s pointillist painting, made from millions of tiny dots, looks even better with the third dimension added. Perhaps our favorite part of this painting, aside from it’s own amazing qualities, is the scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off where Cameron locks eyes with the little girl in the painting.

This movie is so choice. If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

Favorite 3D Photo #7: Dubrovnik’s Old Town

One of the greatest features of Facebook 3D Photos is their ability to bring a scene to life. Instead of just viewing the scene as the photographer saw it, these depth-enhanced photos really help you feel like you’re seeing the scene for yourself. The “being there” feeling can be so strong, we consider some 3D Photos capable of Telepresence.

Favorite 3D Photo #8: Memes

As everyone knows, memes have gone from niche to a world-wide phenomenon. Everyone, from average Joes, to the world’s top celebrities make use of memes every day, and LucidPix is not immune to the trend. In the image above, we used Dolly Parton’s profile picture challenge meme and showed off what makes LucidPix different from the rest.

Favorite Photo #9: Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House

Frank Lloyd Wright, often considered one of America’s finest architects, believed in designing structures that were in harmony with humanity and its environment. This belief is perhaps best personified in his creation titled Fallingwater. This home, set in the forests of Bear Run, Pennsylvania, brought outdoors inside with a full grown tree being integrated into the dining and living room, and a stream running though the house. Short of visiting them home itself, which we recommend you add to your bucket list, viewing it in 3D does a great job of helping you experience the home in person.

Favorite 3D Photo #10: What’s For Dinner?

At LucidPix, we’re big fans of food photography. We understand that food that looks good just tastes better. Whether it’s a cheesy slice of pizza or a deconstructed egg roll, taking and sharing your food photos in 3D makes them even more appetizing.