LucidPix Quick Start Guide

We’ve worked hard to make LucidPix the easiest to use 3D photo creation, editing and sharing app available on iOS and Android. The following tips and tricks from this quick start guide will help you learn how to use our app, allowing you become a LucidPix pro in no time!

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Tip #1: Download LucidPix

You may download and install LucidPix at no cost from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app will work on most smartphones available today, including the iPhone 6 or better, running iOS 11.1 or newer, and Android devices running Android 5.0 or newer. In case you’re not a tech person: if you bought your phone in the last 5 years, chances are that LucidPix will run on it.

Tip #2: Log in

By logging into to LucidPix, you are able to save all your 3D photos to one place, view them on your mobile phone or on our website, and to participate in the LucidPix 3D Community by liking, commenting and sharing great 3D photos with friends and family. We currently support Facebook and Google logins to access our app, meaning you don’t have to create a new account to use the app.

Login to LucidPix
Sign in to LucidPix

If you prefer not to sign in, you may still use LucidPix by selecting the Continue as guest option.

After you log into the app, you are directed to the LucidPix Gallery. Think of this as your home page, just like your TikTok for you page or your Instagram feed. This is where you can see popular posts shared by other LucidPix users and people you follow, and where you can share your own 3D creations.

LucidPix 3D Gallery
The LucidPix 3D Gallery

Each of these 3D photos may be tapped on to view full screen. Be sure to move your phone around to view the scene in all three dimensions.

Feel free to like the 3D photo and follow the creator. You may also edit and share these 3D photos with friends and family by tapping the share icon after you tap on the image to load in full screen mode.

Tip #4: Create your first 3D photo

It’s super simple to create your own 3D images in LucidPix. First, tap the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to change to creation mode.

Once in creation mode, you are shown your phone’s camera roll of recent photos you can convert to 3D with LucidPix, or you may choose to take a new photo by tapping the white/blue camera icon on the top left of the screen.

Create a 3D Photo

To make a photo you already captured 3D, simply tap on the photo, which will load the photo full screen. If the photo looks good, tap the Generate 3D Photo button to make it 3D.

Alternatively, you may capture your own 3D photo by tapping the camera icon on the top left of the camera roll, and shooting a photo just like normal.

Not sure what looks good? Check out our blog post about how to best compose 3D photos.

Tip #5: Leave space around your photo’s subject

During the 3D conversion process, the photo is cropped in a bit, meaning the edges of the photo can look cut off. We do this so you can look around the image in all three dimensions. When looking around, far away objects move on the screen more than closer objects, so they need more space to move side-to-side and up-and-down, hence the cropping. If we did not do this, you would see unsightly photo edges at all times.

Don’t fret! Just like you would do with a new lens on your DSLR camera, all you need to do when shooting for LucidPix is to compose your photo a bit differently. In this case, add a little extra space around your subject. You’ll be good to go with only that small framing change.

Area cropped out when converting to 3D
Be sure to shoot your photos so there is nothing important in the white border area

Tip #6: Make it yours with LucidPix

LucidPix does more than just create depth for 3D photos, it also allows you to edit them to make them yours. Experiment by adding filters like in Instagram to change the look and feel of the photo, make it bespoke with added 3D text and emojis atop your photo.

Base 3D Photo
Sample of 3D text over a 3D photo

Your 3D text can be customized by pinching and zooming to resize, twisting it with two fingers to rotate, dragging with one finger to reposition, and by tapping the black oval at the top of the photo to change font styles.

Be sure to keep your text and emojis away from the edges of the photo, as the 3D conversion process tends to hide a small portion of the photo on each side.

For more info about 3D text, please see this blog post.

Tip #7: Share your creation

LucidPix is a pro at sharing your 3D photos, giving you simple sharing options for virtually any sharing opportunity. LucidPix currently supports sharing to the following platforms, with more on the way:

In addition to the above platforms, LucidPx can quickly and easily export your 3D photos as animated GIFs and mp4 videos for sharing on the web or on any other social media or messaging platform.

Share your 3D Photo

When sharing, you may choose how your 3D creation is displayed, including the speed and style of the camera’s movement. Test out the options by tapping between Orbit, Zoom, Slide and Square to see what looks best with your photo, then use the speed slider to make the movement perfect. Once you’re happy, you should tap Save video to save it to your camera roll.

If you want to share your creation with the world, simply slide all the way to the left when sharing and choose Share to Gallery.

Share your photo to Social Media
Choose the Save option on the far right to share to the LucidPix Gallery.

Alternatively, you may share directly from app’s home page, called the LucidPix Gallery. Once there, tap the plus sign on the top right of the screen to share your 3D creation to the Gallery.

Share to the LucidPix Gallery
Tap the plus icon to share your creations

After you’ve tapped the Gallery share icon, the app will load a preview of your 3D photo, along with a place to add a short description. Fill this section out, and be sure that the Visible to public option is selected, so that others can see and like your creation. Once you tap Post your image will be sent to LucidPix to be reviewed, and then added to the home page gallery for all to view, like and share.

Sharing 3D Photos in LucidPix
Be sure to add a short description and make your photo visible to the public

After you tap Post you will see a small thank you at the bottom of the screen confirming success.

Tip #8: Have fun!

LucidPix is all about having fun and exploring the world in 3D. So go out there and help the world see exactly what you see with a 3D photo from LucidPix!

We hope this quick start guide helped you get up and running with LucidPix. If you still have questions or what to share feedback, please feel free to use our contact page to get in touch.