LucidPix Launches With One Million Users

LucidPix, the new 3D photo editing app available in June 2020, is bringing photos to life in a fresh new way, combining multiple technologies like no other company has yet to do. The app officially launches on Product Hunt, a website that relies on user votes to highlight new products. The revolutionary app was initially announced as a beta release at CES 2020 and enables casual and professional photographers alike to create and share immersive 3D imagery with the tap of a button. It is available for download on both Android and iPhone. 

“Over a million beta testers helped us refine LucidPix to be a better and smarter app,” said CEO and co-founder Han Jin. “Our users have provided us with insight and feedback to ensure we meet the needs of every customer while providing creative flexibility.”

The LucidPix app, compatible with virtually every smartphone in use today, enhances photos in three dimensions with realistic depth, and then enables users to share their creations on any social media platform or within the intimate LucidPix community with a simple tap of a button. 

Improved functionally since the beta release includes enhanced AI-driven depth creation, advanced photo editing abilities with multi-dimensional content such as text, stickers, 3D frames and filters, all done without the need for dual lenses or special sensors. Creators can use the app to convert past photos, allowing cherished memories to pop off the screen. The app can also capture original images in three dimensions. These continual enhancements set LucidPix apart from Facebook’s more basic 3D offerings, and allows users to create 3D content faster and easier for any social media, including Instagram, TikTok and SnapChat. LucidPix allows users to edit and enhance their 3D photos, providing more flexibility in what they share digitally. 

LucidPix has the inherent ability to assist every creator—from casual photographers to professional business users—in their design and output of multi-dimensional, memorable images. The app will continue to improve and grow in its abilities over time, including upgraded depth analysis and display, to create the best 3D images available anywhere. The intelligence built into LucidPix will impact future content formats from AR, VR, 3D and holograms across platforms for headsets, displays and mobile. 

“LucidPix allows you to feel like you’re sharing real, in-person experiences with your family and friends, or truely exploring and traveling the world,” continued Jin. “Our technology supports users as they create immersive memories out of otherwise flat images.”

LucidPix is available to download for Android at the Google Play Store and for iPhone at the Apple App Store at no cost. The app offers unlimited 3D photo editing, exclusive LucidPix community access, and sharing to most social media and messaging platforms, with in-app upgrades that unlock a range of advanced export options.