How to Take the Best 3D Photo with LucidPix

Taking 3D photos is a rising trend amongst photographers, businesses and even the everyday individual wanting to experiment with their pictures. The appeal of 3D Photos is drawn from the desire to be unique. With pretty much everyone these days having access to digital cameras or mobile phones with cameras, people need a way to make their pictures stand out from the crowd. This is where LucidPix comes in. The below guide provides tips on how to take the best 3D Photo using LucidPix.

Tips and Tricks for Taking the Best 3D Photo

Skip the wait: If you’re a Photoshop master, chances are you’ll know that one way to create 3D photos is to Photoshop them on your desktop computer. However, this is definitely much more difficult than it seems. It can take a large chunk out of your day to create a quality depth map that mimics reality. Instead, LucidPix offers a quick and easy alternative to help save your time. The advanced AI that is hidden within LucidPix allows you to produce quality 3D photos with just a few taps of your iPhone or Android smartphone’s screen.

Capture objects with depth: The more depth inherent to the photo, the better the 3D result will be. For example, taking a picture of a flat surface may hinder the creation of dimension to the photo. See below for an example of how we’ve done it!

Ensure that the object is still: If you’re capturing a person or animal, make sure that they remain in the same position throughout the photo taking (you’ll be reminded of this in the LucidPix App!)

Align the object to the center of the screen: For best results, try placing the subject in the centre of the screen to direct focus towards it and ensure that the main subject does not leave the picture’s frame!

Play around with different subjects: Curiosity is really what sparks the best 3D photo taking, so experiment with different objects, close ups, backgrounds, and more to compare your results and see what works best! If you’re in search of some inspiration, have a look at Pexels and Unsplash to see what kind of photos are out there!

Join the community: This final tip involves actively joining 3D photo taking groups and pages to become a part of the wider community. You’re able to share your photos, explore the page, connect with like minded individuals, learn from others, and most importantly, get inspired! If you’re looking for Facebook pages to follow, check out Best of LucidPix 3D photos and LucidPix 3D photos on Facebook!