How To Take 3D Photos

Introducing LucidPix for 3D Photos

There’s an urban legend about moviegoers in Paris watching an early silent film in the late-1800s of a train approaching the screen. Supposedly they ran out of the theater to avoid getting hit.

Whether this story is true or not, this story of the oncoming train illustrates an important point: there’s power in film. Audiences duck or scream during scary scenes. Some moviegoers have even been known to jump into other people’s laps.

When 3D movies were first released, many of us remember children in their clunky blue and red cardboard glasses reaching out to catch virtual snowflakes or bubbles that appeared to be suspended in the air—something they would never have tried in a 2D rendition.

What are 3D Photos?

So what is the significance of a 3D photo? When FaceBook rolled out 3D photos in late 2018, they described the experience as “looking through a window.” Here’s a demo.

If you’re not familiar with 3D photos, these multi-layered images can be viewed on a phone with or without a VR headset. Just moving the phone around makes the 3D aspect come alive! 

(It feels a little like Harry Potter photo albums—the experience of seeing your photo magically change, as if someone or something is about to step out of the screen.)

The great part is, you can use 3D photos anywhere in FaceBook today—as your profile, background, your company logo, or anywhere in your news feed.

About LucidPix

Facebook’s 3D photos all start as 2D images, but with LucidPix, a new app from Lucid, you’ll have a chance to do more. LucidPix provides you with several options not currently available if you’re just using FaceBook’s 3D photos ability:

  • Capture a new photo in 3D (more realistic than starting with a 2D photo)
  • Convert an existing 2D photo to 3D (if you prefer!)
  • Add motion (share your photo as a video)
  • Add a 3D frame (lots of choices!)
  • Add a filter (think Instagram)

Note: Unlike Facebook’s 3D photos feature, LucidPix does not require that you have a dual camera smartphone.

Using LucidPix

How to Capture in 3D 

To capture a 3D photo using a dual camera device, simply open the LucidPix app. 

Note: You can choose a frame at this time by scrolling through the frames catalog on the bottom of the screen. 

Some of the Frame options found in LucidPix

Then angle your shot and press the blue button to capture. (You can also flip your camera by tapping the flip button.) 

Left: Select Front/Rear Camera | Middle: Shutter Button | Right: Photo Library

Once you’ve captured a 3D photo, you will be given the option of posting to Facebook, editing, sharing, or saving. 

Share your 3D photos on social media
Share your 3D photos on social media or save to your camera roll

How to Upload and Share a 3D Photo

To upload a 3D photo with LucidPix, tap the “Photos” button in the upper right corner of the screen, allow access to your photo library, and choose a 3D photo. 

Example Photo Library

Hint: You can zoom in on the photo by pinching out or rotate your photo by moving two fingers on the screen.