How to Shoot 3D Photos for Selling Poshmark

Poshmark has become very popular in the last decade as a marketplace for women’s fashion, brand names — all second hand used goods that can be bought at relatively inexpensive prices. It is easy to download for free on a phone or tablet by looking it up on the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Other apps that provide seller marketplaces include ThredUp, Let Go and Offer Up. Read on for tips for shooting 3D photos for selling on Poshmark using our 3D photo app LucidPix.

Before you Start

Find items to sell

When starting out, sell old clothes, shoes, or other items that you own but don’t want anymore. After a while, you might catch on to hot and trendy items that will sell well. You can cruise local boutiques to find those kinds of items to sell eventually. You’ll soon find that selling on Poshmark is fun and easy!

Gather shipping materials

Poshmark gives sellers 7 days to ship an item, but try selling it within at least 2 days (the recommended time). Many buyers expect quick shipping from Poshmark sellers.

Prepare shipping materials beforehand. You might have to invest in buying some boxes and mailers, but it is part of the selling experience.

There are USPS Priority shipping boxes available for free at the post office.

You can also order from USPS online, but it can take 2 weeks or more to have them delivered to you. Use USPS Priority Mail, Flat Rate, or Regional Rate boxes and envelopes (red and white colored). Avoid Express Mail boxes and envelopes (blue and white colored).

High heels photo for selling on Poshmark

You will also need:

  • Thank you cards or stickers
  • Access to a printer and paper for shipping labels
  • Packaging tape (unless you use USPS self-sticking boxes)
  • Clear tape & scissors (unless you have self-sticking labels)
  • A small scale

Start Selling!

Here is a step-by-step guide for selling on Poshmark:

  • Download and open the Poshmark app
  • Set up your profile
  • Use your phone to take pictures of the items you want to sell
  • Write a description
  • Check the appropriate category, size, color boxes
  • Name your price (and the original price)
  • Push the List Item button
  • Wait for inquiries or a purchase
  • Accept or counter any offers
  • Once you accept an offer, print the shipping label
  • Drop your sold item in the mail
  • Buyer has three days to mark the item as received or it will be marked received for them
  • Get paid!

Funds should deposit into your account the same day the seller accepts the purchase (or within three days of tracked receipt). 

Post a lot of photos

Be sure to take photos of your item from all angles. When selling shoes, take photos of the top and sides and the soles. For clothes, zoom in on the intricacy of designs, and take a photo of the label so the potential buyer sees that it is authentic. Use neutral backgrounds or natural sunlight if at all possible.

Enhance your Photos with the LucidPix App!

Try running photos through the LucidPix App to enhance your listing. Posting 3D photos or videos can give the buyer a closer look at your item!

How to use the Lucid App to take 3D photos for selling on Poshmark

#1 Download the Lucid Pix App

#2 Tap the plus button

#3 Choose your photo

The app will automatically process your photo into a 3D image!

#4 Post your new 3D image on Poshmark!

Pay attention to the product listing

Include the brand name and item name. If you’re having trouble finding the style name, search the Internet. If someone is looking for a Michael Kors watch, make sure your listing is showing up in a search.

Describe what you’re selling

Buyers want to know details, such as width, length and height. For dresses, be sure to measure waist circumference, length of the dress from strap to hem and chest width. For jeans, describe the style, such as boot cut or straight leg.  

high heels photo for selling on Poshmark

Do some price research

Feel free to price your items however you want on Poshmark. Research “comps,” or comparable items. Search the app to see how similar items have sold and for how much.

Use the LucidPix App for Selling on Poshmark

Buyers will really see that Coach multi-colored handbag when you post in 3D. That J. Crew jacket will look even more stunning as a 3D video. Download our app and start selling today!