How To Share To The LucidPix Gallery

Did you know you can submit your own 3D Frames and 3D Photos to the LucidPix Gallery to be seen by hundreds of thousands of fellow users? It’s easy, just follow these few simple steps:

Create your own 3D Frame or Photo

The LucidPix Gallery can be used to show off all your 3D Photo and 3D Frame creations, whether you made it in LucidPix or on your own. Not sure how to take the best photo for 3D display? Check out our blog post for some tips. Be sure to save your photo so you can submit it in the next step.

Start Sharing

For a chance to have your 3D creation featured in the LucidPix Gallery, tap on the share icon Share Icon on the top right of the LucidPix home screen. This will take you to a new page where you will be able to upload your art to LucidPix.

Protip: You can share 3D Photos and Frames created within LucidPix or 3D Photos you have created by hand in other software such as Adobe Photoshop.

Sharing LucidPix Creations

To share LucidPix creations

• Tap the share icon Share Icon

• Tap the Import from 3D Album Share Your Artwork Button button

• Choose the image you would like to share, give it a name, then tap Submit Button

• Verify you are ready to share by tapping the Confirm Buttonbutton

Sharing Your Own Creations

Created something from scratch that’s worth sharing? No problem! If you’d like to share a 3D Photo you made outside of LucidPix:

• Tap the share icon Share Icon

• Tap the large rectangle on the left side of the screen to choose your color image

• Repeat the process for the rectangle on the right side of the screen, but this time choose the corresponding depth map.

• Once you’ve chosen both the color and depth map images, name your creations, then tap Submit Submit Button followed by Confirm Confirm Button for a chance to have it included int he LucidPix Gallery

How To Videos

How to share to the LucidPix 3D Gallery with a LucidPix 3D Photo
How to share to the LucidPix 3D Gallery with a hand-made 3D Photo

Getting Your Artwork Approved for the LucidPix Gallery

Not every submission will be accepted into the LucidPix Gallery. For the best chance at having your artwork chosen for inclusion, be sure that your photo is well lit, in focus and that the 3D effect adds to the enjoyment of the image.

Good luck!