A Step by Step Guide for How to Remove the LucidPix Watermark

For every picture created by our users, a unique LucidPix watermark appears to help others easily identify our app and the origin of how the photo was made! However with the wide range of 3D photos that are captured, from landscapes to art to portraits, we understand that a watermark can sometimes take away from the aesthetic of the picture, or it may just be preferable to have the picture clear of any distraction. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to remove the LucidPix watermark from any 3D Photo or 3D Frame created.

Step 1: Create your LucidPix Photo!

For help on this step, you can go to How to Take 3D Photos

Choose a picture with high definition
(This one’s from Pexels)

Step 2: Remove watermark in the LucidPix App

Before sharing the final version of your photo, in the upper right corner of the screen you will see a “⊘ Watermark” sign. By tapping on this, the app will provide the option to remove the watermark for this 3D Photo or 3D Frame.

Step 3: Purchasing the one-time watermark removal

A screen will appear similar to the one below and you will be able to purchase the one time watermark through the built-in Android or IOS in-app purchase process.

Step 4: Post your LucidPix 3D Photo or 3D Frame without the watermark

Share the photo with your friends, family or even feel free to send in the picture to our LucidPix 3D Photos Facebook group for a chance to get featured! If you need help with how to post, check out our previous blog post that shows you how to do it.