How To Post Your LucidPix In Facebook Free Mode

Many cellular service providers offer great feature that allows subscribers to access Facebook without using paid cellular data, called Facebook Free, Facebook Free Mode, Facebook Flex, Free Basics, etc. This mode is typically only offered to Android users when using the Facebook app or any smartphone user on the Facebook mobile website. The advantage of Free Mode is that you can still stay in contact with your friends and family, even when you have 0MB of data available on your cell phone plan. 

Facebook Data Mode

Not all Free Modes are created the same. Some providers will only allow you to see/view text when in free mode, whereas others will allow posting and viewing of images, including LucidPix 3D Photos on Facebook. You can find out which type of provider you have by searching your providers website, going into Free Mode and testing for yourself, or contacting your provider and asking them directly. 

Facebook Free Mode

How To Post LucidPix 3D Photos On Facebook Free Mode:

Share you LucidPix 3D Photos in Facebook Mode, by following this process. Please be aware, your provider must allow posting of photos on Free mode for this process to work. If you can not see photos in free mode, or see the “See Photo” button at the top of the page, you’ll first need to tap this button in order to share a LucidPix photo:

  • Open up the Facebook app on your phone
  • Make sure you are in Free Mode and your provider allows you to share images in Free Mode, if not, tap the button.
  • Start a new post at the top of the screen
  • Find your photo by tapping the Photo button
  • Choose your 3D photo by looking for the thumbnail with the 3D icon on it and selecting it
  • Tap the “Make 3D button and give Facebook a moment to process (don’t forget this step, or your photo will not post in 3D!)
  • Once you’ve “Made 3D” and written your comment, tap post like normal, sit back, and enjoy all the ooohs and ahhhs!