How to Post an Instagram Story in 3D

Instagram has recently developed a new story system that allows you to post an image for one day, quite like what Snapchat does with their stories. This can be ideal for sharing a special moment that will only last a day, but you still want to capture it.

Many have struggled to understand the new system on Instagram, but it is explained as simple as possible below. On top of that, we will explain to you how you can post an Instagram story in 3D if you want to make a real impression to the followers of your page.

The Basics: How to Post an Instagram Story

When you load up the Instagram app, you will see an icon in the top left corner of your page that has your profile picture and the words, “your story” right below it. Tap on that icon, which then brings up the option to use a video or picture from your phone album, or to take a picture using the Instagram app itself for your story.

Once you choose which option to go with, there is the option to add a date, time, link, draw, stickers, interactive attachments, and words on top of the image. Once customized, you tap the “send to” button and tap on the share icon next to your story. With that, you have officially posted an Instagram Story!

Make Your Instagram Story 3D

If you are looking for something a little more spectacular to put on your story, similar to the example above, then you should check out LucidPix. Download the app and open it up. The app is easy to navigate, and this quick start guide will get you going in no time.

To make your 3D Instagram Story, open the LucidPix app, login with Apple, Google or Facebook, and tap on the camera button in the bottom of the screen.

This will bring you to two options at the bottom of your screen; “3D Photo” and “3D Frame”. This gives you the option to choose whether you want to select an image from your phone to make 3D, or take an image right now.

Feel free to add a filter to the 3D image with the filter icon or 3D text with the 3D text icon .

Once the 3D image for your Instagram Story is customized, more options will appear at the bottom of your screen, such as sharing to social media, creating a GIF or Video, and saving the image to your phone. You also have the option to share the 3D photo as an animated GIF or MP4 video.

To share to your Instagram story, tap the Instagram icon, which will launch Instagram on your phone. Your 3D photo is automatically, imported, giving you the option to share to your Instagram Story below your photo. From there it will follow the same path as a regular instagram story, but in eye-catching 3D!

LucidPix as an Editing Tool

LucidPix is one of the few companies in the world who offers such versatility and quality with their tools and capabilities. They offer a free app and are in the progress of developing a website as well, making it worth a look at to see if the app can help you in some manner. A majority of the time the 3D conversions enhance the image’s character and give it more depth, which pair really well with their filters, text, and stickers. So, if you have the want or need to improve your post or story performance, LucidPix may be the way to go.

Now, you now have the capability to post a story on Instagram, and do it with an amazing tool as well. Enjoy your newfound power and knowledge and go out there and post to your heart’s desire.