How To Post a 3D Frame on Facebook

You’ve just created a new 3D masterpiece in LucidPix, what’s next?

Sharing your LucidPix 3D Frame creation with friends and family on Facebook is easy when you follow these steps.

Select your 3D Frame and compose your photo in LucidPix

Compose your 3D Frame photo

Scroll through the different frame options available in the app to find the perfect frame. You have the option of adding this 3D Frame to a photo you have already taken, or compose your own photo from within the app. Once everything is ready, tap the button to take your photo.

Tap to share your 3D Frame

Tap the Share button

To share your 3D Frame on Facebook, select the share button.

Choose the top option to post via the Facebook app

Tap the How to Button

Tap the How to share on Facebook App button to continue to Facebook.

Tap Go To Facebook

Watch the video, go to Facebook

You can watch the video that shows you how to post onto Facebook, or click the Go To Facebook button to go directly to the Facebook app.

Choose Photo post type

Select photo post type on Facebook

Be sure you have scrolled to the top of the Facebook app, and select Photo to begin posting your 3D Frame on Facebook.

Select your new 3D Frame

Select your 3D Frame for upload

Your new 3D Frame photo should be listed at the top of your camera roll or in the portraits folder and should have a 3D logo places on top the thumbnail image. If you don’t immediately see your 3D Frame, it may take a few seconds for it to be saved to your camera roll and displayed in Facebook.

Convert to Facebook 3D

Convert your Frame to 3D

In order for your 3D Frame to be displayed in 3D on Facebook, you must tap the Make 3D button.

Add in your comment and post to Facebook

Post your 3D Frame to Facebook

Once you’ve typed in the comment for your photo, tap Post on the top right of the screen to share with your friends and family.

How to post your 3D Frame to Facebook