How To Master Hiking Photography With LucidPix

Man wearing a yellow jacket taking a photo of nature while hiking and mastering hiking photography.

As businesses, restaurants, and other establishments are slowly starting to reopen with strict social distancing guidelines, most public hiking trails and state parks are continuing to welcome guests after remaining open throughout quarantine. Hiking, whether it be for fun or for exercise, is a perfect way to stretch your legs and reconnect with the outside world after being cooped up at home for weeks. And what better way to commemorate your return to the outside world than by capturing it with the perfect photo? In this blog post, we’ll be discussing some important tips to master hiking photography with LucidPix 3D photos.

Tip #1: Take Hiking Photos During Dawn or Dusk

By hitting the trail early in the morning before sunrise, or just before sunset in the evening, you will be able to capture your photos with “golden hour” lighting. Golden hour light makes your photos appear warmer and more inviting by casting a soft glow without strong shadows on your photos, creating beautiful contrast and dimension. These are especially important features to have when composing a 3D photo. Another advantage to shooting during dawn or dusk is that there are usually fewer hikers on the trail during these times. This way, you will be able to have the freedom to take as many photos as you want, without any crowds.

Tip #2: Avoid Distracting Backgrounds In Your Hiking Photos

In your hiking photos, your subject can easily get lost if your background is too busy. Find a solid colored background or have your subject wear bright colors so that your subject pops out in the photo. You can also put your subject in colors that complement your background. For example, if you are hiking along the coast, have your subject wear orange, and if you are hiking through an evergreen forest, have your subject wear red. This creates added depth in your 3D photos and clearly distinguishes your background from your foreground.

Tip #3: Change Your Hiking Photography Perspective

Create new perspectives in your photos by switching up the angles in your photos. Instead of taking photos at the standard eye-level, get low on the ground and point your camera upwards to get a whole new point of view. This is very effective with tall subjects, such as conifer trees. There are a variety of angles and perspectives you can shoot from to create added depth to your 3D photos. Use this photo for inspiration!

Tip #4: Choose Trails With Noteworthy Features to Photograph

The best way to enjoy your hike and get great photos as a result is to go hiking on a trail that has interesting features. Choose a trail that leads to a secluded waterfall, features tall redwood trees along the way, or ends in a scenic viewpoint. If you’re local to the San Francisco Bay Area, check out our TikTok below for some of our favorite Bay Area hiking trails!

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