How to Make Photoshop Camera Photos 3D

Make Photoshop Camera Photos 3D

Adobe has released a new photo-editing app that is perfect for individuals that want to creatively experiment with their photos! Adobe Photoshop Camera is great for getting your images LucidPix-ready; use the app to enhance your photos by adding different filters before importing them to LucidPix to make them 3D. In this blog post, we’re giving you step-by-step instructions in this Photoshop Camera How-to.

Step 1: Open Adobe Photoshop Camera

Once you open the app, you can either take a photo “live” by selecting the white circle or select the picture frame icon to the right of the circle. For this example, we selected the picture frame icon to choose a photo from camera roll to edit. (Tip: we got our photo from @visualgrams Instagram page!)

Step 2: Import your chosen photo

Once you’ve selected the image you wish to edit, it will appear on your screen where the app will automatically enhance your photo! You don’t even need to lift a finger, as the app increases saturation, contrast, definition and more. Following this, users can choose to either save the photo after the app has edited it (bottom right icon) or select “lenses” (bottom left icon) to play around with filters.

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Step 3: Add filters to your photo

After selecting the “Lenses” icon, a variety of filters will pop-up at the bottom of the screen. Scroll through these and apply them to your photo to see which one works best! For this example, we chose the filter “Celestial”, you can see it applied to our photo below. Once you’re content with your edited photo, select the arrow pointing down to revert back to the page above where you can save your photo.

Add filters to your photo

Step 4: Open LucidPix

Select the camera icon at the bottom of the screen to import your edited photo from Adobe Photoshop Camera that you saved to your camera roll. By tapping the camera icon in LucidPix, your camera roll will appear and you may select your edited photo.

Step 5: Transform your photo into 3D!

Select the “Generate 3D” icon to being the 3D transformation process. Once selected, wait a few seconds for the LucidPix magic to work. Next, scroll on the bottom right to select your chosen export method. For this example, we chose to export the image as “3D Video”. Once this is selected, you can choose the orientation of your 3D Video! Choose from Orbit, Zoom, Slide, and Square. Finally, select “Save Video” when you’re finished.

Step 6: Enjoy your new Adobe Photoshop Camera & LucidPix 3D photo!

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