How to Make Animated GIFs in 3 Easy Steps

Creating your own animated GIF from scratch doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming. By following these three easy steps, you’ll be making your own animated GIFs from your own photos in no time!

The following examples use LucidPix to create your GIF. Download the app for no cost to get started. 

Step 1: Select Your Photo

Open up LucidPix and tap the camera icon . Scroll through your camera roll and tap to select the image you would like to convert into a moving picture. 

Select your photo to make your animated GIF

If you would like some tips on what photos look best as animated GIFs, and how to use LucidPix’s more advanced features, please take a look at this article

Step 2: Convert to 3D to Make an Animated GIF

In order to add movement to your still photo, we are going to convert it to show all three dimensions. This allows you to “see around” the side of the photo, just like you would in real life if you moved your head side to side. 

3D conversion is simple, just tap the Generate 3D Photo button . After a couple seconds of processing, the advanced artificial intelligence built into LucidPix will convert your flat, still photo into a lifelike moving image. 

Download LucidPix

Step 3: Save your photo as an animated GIF

Here comes the fun part! Under the Share to area, tap 3D GIF and the select the movement style and speed that looks the best. To save the moving picture to your phone’s camera roll, tap Save GIF .

Now you can share your animated photo GIF with friends and family over email, text, or social media. For more information on the animated GIF creation process, feel free to read our article about How to Create a GIF With LucidPix.