How to Install the LucidPix Beta

You were accepted to the LucidPix Beta Program, what’s next?

(If you have not applied to become a LucidPix Beta Tester, please fill out the form here.)

In exchange for early access to the iPhone version of the LucidPix app, we are requesting that all beta testers provide frequent feedback to with detailed information about: 

  • Your phone model, operating system version and LucidPix app version. (The app version may be found by tapping on the profile icon on the bottom right of the screen, then the menu icon on the top right side of the screen. The app version will be listed on the bottom right of the screen.)
  • Any bugs or unexpected app behavior yo experience.
  • App crashes (What you were doing when it happened, can you reproduce the crash, etc.)
  • Constructive criticism such as if the user interface doesn’t make sense or your 3D Frames/3D Photos/2D to 3D Conversions do not perform as expected. 
  • And anything else you think would help us make LucidPix better!

Install TestFlight

On your iPhone, open up the App Store and search for TestFlight. Simply install this free app from Apple.

Accepting the TestFlight Invite and Installing the LucidPix Beta

After we notify you that you have been accepted into the LucidPix Beta Program, you will receive an email from TestFlight, with the email address of Open this email on your iPhone.

Tap on the large, blue “View in TestFlight” button. This will launch the TestFlight app. 

Tap on the blue INSTALL icon to, you guessed it, install LucidPix. Once it is downloaded and installed, tap the OPEN button to launch the beta version of LucidPix.

Getting Started with LucidPix

Upon first launch, you will be prompted to allow notifications, please do so. Don’t worry, we won’t bug you too much, but we need you to see these so you can provide feedback.

Next, you’ll see a note “From the Developer.” Click the Next button. This will take you to the next screen that shows you how to share feedback with us. You may use this process, but please also send feedback to

Sign in to LucidPix

We have you log in so that you can save your new 3D Photos. Please with use your Facebook account or Google account to do so.

You’ve now successfully installed the beta version of LucidPix! Please have fun and enjoy playing with it. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us at

Thank you for your help in making our app the best 3D Photo app!