How to Gain 100K Monthly Viewers on Pinterest in One Month

Gain 100k Pinterest viewers

Pinterest is an online space with the purpose of sharing content, collaborating with other creative users, and it also acts as a source of inspiration. We recently joined Pinterest towards the end of April as a way to expand our user-base and create more brand awareness, as well as gain inspiration for our 3D Photos (you can check out our account here). After one month on the platform, we grew from 7,000 monthly viewers to over 100,000 without any paid promotion. In this blog post, we’re going to be giving you tips on how to gain 100k monthly viewers on Pinterest in one month. According to research, only 4% of Pinterest users use it to promote their business.

Create Original Content on Pinterest

One of the biggest pieces of advice to grow your Pinterest audience organically is to create original content. Since the platform allows users to easily re-share pins, the content generated can sometimes become repetitive. The Pinterest algorithm bases your homepage on the pins you’ve saved therefore it’s quite common to have similar posts on your feed. By creating original content, you’ll be offering something different and never-before-seen to Pinterest users. This is definitely key in how we’ve grown the LucidPix page to over 100,000 monthly viewers, as currently 3D Photos are unique to our account. Take a look below for an example.

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Organize Your Pinterest

By systematically organizing your Pinterest account, you can make it a lot easier for users to navigate. For example, create different boards for your pins and title them in a clear manner so users can identify within a few seconds what the theme of each board is. Alongside this, organizing your Pinterest can make looking at it more aesthetically pleasing for viewers. This is essential as it indicates the type of Pinterest account you have and helps in not overwhelming viewers with content.

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Make Your Pins Stand Out to Help Reach 100k

The first thing that viewers see before entering your Pinterest account are the Pin covers. It’s important to have these stand-out to entice others into engaging with them by clicking on the pins for close-ups or for link-clicks. For our blog posts, we created uniquely designed artwork through different apps such as Unfold and Canva. These have templates in which users can customise and experiment with different looks, perfect for making something unique and on brand. This is another important element to consider when attempting to grow your monthly viewers to 100k.

Engage With Other Pinterest Users

Pinterest allows users to engage with others in variety of ways. Users are engaging with other accounts simply by clicking on their pins or saving it to their boards which helps build account recognition. In addition, Pinterest offers collaborative boards with multiple users which allows individuals to work together in creating a themed board – this is a great way to get your Pinterest account out there!

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