How to Create Amazing 3D Food Photos with LucidPix

The modern social space has become somewhere to share our passions, showcase our creativity and discuss our opinions. Yet, there is one area in particular that most people can resonate with: their love for food! For many individuals, we enjoy sharing the chef’s creation before we dig in.

Whether it’s a special occasion dinner, or something home-cooked, we want to make sure we capture the deliciousness in front of us (and maybe show off our cooking skills at the same time). One way of doing this is to turn 2D photos into 3D Photos using LucidPix.

For the Food Instagrammer

A growing phenomenon that has taken over Instagram in the last few years, is the satisfaction we get from scrolling through hundreds of pictures of food, giving way to a number of food-focused photographers. From recommendation pages like Infatuation, local San Francisco food bloggers @tinastastytravels, @thefoodedit__, and culinary chefs such as Matthew Kenney, everyone seems to be hopping on this tasty trend. However, because so many people are posting food photos, it’s not about where you go to take pictures anymore, instead it’s about how you showcase them. Using LucidPix can up your foodie game and make your posts stand out.

For the At-Home Chef

For those of you that enjoy cooking at home or in your spare time, you definitely don’t need to be a food blogger to exhibit your creations. Using LucidPix can elevate your cooking photos even more and capture them in a new dimension. Below are a few examples of home cooked meals from Conscious Cuisine transformed by LucidPix.

For the Everyday Person 

Do you ever just want to take pictures of your food for your camera roll? With the number of restaurants around it can sometimes get overwhelming to remember where you’ve been, and which meals you liked (or disliked). By using LucidPix to capture and save your food photos, it can help bring them to life and spark memories. The LucidPix App can capture the food in greater definition and depth!

You can Download the app for Android and Download for iPhone, making sure to share your photos on the LucidPix Facebook pages for a chance to get featured in the group! You can share them to Best of LucidPix 3D photos, LucidPix 3D photos on Facebook, or another 3D Facebook group page!