How to Create a GIF With LucidPix

No matter how you say it, GIF or GIF, we’re huge fans of the image format. It’s no surprise that the GIF creator is one of the most used tools on LucidPix. This Android and iPhone app makes it quick and easy to create animated GIFs out of any photo you choose. Here’s a quick guide on how to turn your regular images into moving GIF photos with LucidPix.

Select the Image to Convert into a Moving 3D Photo GIF

Download and open LucidPix and tap the camera icon in the middle of the bottom of your screen. From here, you can choose any photo from your phone to make 3D. Once you’ve found your photo, tap to choose it, and then tap Generate 3D Photo .

Previewing your Animated GIF

After a quick 3D conversion, your newly-created 3D photo is ready to be previewed. Go ahead, tilt your phone to see around objects and move about the landscape. Sometimes it really feels like you’re viewing a real moment in time, and not just a flat photo! 

If you like what you see, you can either export it directly as an animated GIF, or customize it with filters or 3D text.

Download LucidPix

Customizing GIFs

Now’s your chance to customize your 3D GIF with Instagram-like photo filters and custom 3D text. Tap on the filter icon and you can select from a number of filters that change the look of your 3D image. To add 3D text, tap the text icon and type your copy. 

Creating your Animated GIF

Once you’ve added any filters and text, you’re only seconds away from creating your GIF. Swipe through the Share to list and tap the 3D GIF icon.

Control the Movement of Your GIF 

After tapping 3D GIF, you can choose what speed you want your GIF to move at, as the 3D animation style. Simply slide your finger along the speed bar to increase or decrease the speed, and tap the four animation style icons below that bar to test the different movement options for the GIF.

Save your GIF

Once you’ve selected your desired speed and movement, tap the Save GIF icon to save the GIF to your phone’s photo gallery! From there, you can upload the GIF to any social media platform for all to see.

Now that you’ve learned how, download LucidPix now to create a GIF of your own!