How to Create a 3D Photo with Text

As of our latest app update, users can now customise their 3D Photos with text! In this blog post, we’re going to be giving you step by step directions to help you fully utilise this new feature!

Step 1: Convert your 2D Photo into 3D

Open up the LucidPix app and select the Camera icon. Scroll to the right until you see “3D Photo”, this will auto-select your camera roll for you to choose which 2D Photo you want to upload. Alternatively, you can select the Camera icon on the top left of the screen to take the photo “live”. Here, we chose the Tower Bridge in London as an example (photo credits to Nailia). Then, select “Generate 3D Photo” to see the magic happen!

Step 2: Select the “T” icon

Select the “T” icon in the bottom left corner of the image.

Select this!

Step 3: Add in your text

Add in a caption to your photo or a favourite quote to make your 3D image stand out. Tip: you can also add in some emojis!

Step 4: Customise your text with different colours

Select from multiple colours (only available as a Super User) to switch up the look of your 3D Photo!

Step 5: Make your final adjustments

Play around with the positioning of your text by dragging to move it and experiment with this to find the best placement! You can pinch the text to adjust the size, making it bigger or smaller (whatever fits best with your photo) and twist the text to rotate. See the example below for how we played around with the text and our final design of our 3D Photo of London’s Tower Bridge.

You can Download LucidPix for Android and Download for iPhone, making sure to share your photos on the LucidPix Facebook pages for a chance to get featured in the group! You can share them to Best of LucidPix 3D photos, LucidPix 3D photos on Facebook, or another 3D Facebook group page!