How to Add and Remove a 3D Frame in LucidPix

We’ve had some recent questions around creating your 3D Photo with no 3D Frame, therefore, in response we’re helping you navigate the app better with this blog post!

Open LucidPix

Open up the LucidPix app and select the Camera icon. Here, you’ll be automatically directed to the “3D Frame” page. This immediately shows you the 3D Bubbles as an example frame. Along the bottom of the screen, right above the capture button, there are three options you can choose from to create your 3D masterpiece: 3D Frame, 3D Face, and 3D Photo. You can scroll through these three features and select the feature you’d like to use to create your 3D photo.

3D Frame Customisation

If you would like to add a 3D Frame to your photo, select 3D Frame, and then scroll through the many 3D frame options below the photo. LucidPix offers many different categories of 3D Frames, such as, Nature, Fun, Lifestyle, Food, Travel, etc. Here, we chose the Basketball Frame in the New section to create a cool shot of the basketball entering the hoop next to the photo of the building.

Removing the 3D Frame

If you prefer to have your 3D Photo without a 3D Frame, then this can easily be done! From the home page, scroll to the “3D Photo” option. Your personal photo gallery will appear where you can choose any photo to be converted into 3D and this will be done without a 3D Frame. Alternatively, choose the camera icon to take your own 3D photo from within LucidPix.

Have any more questions? Feel free to message us on Facebook or Instagram with your app questions and we will try our best to answer them!

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