The Dream Behind LucidPix

Han Jin grew up in Germany, with family around the globe. Today, his permanent residence is in California, and sharing his life and experiences with family worldwide has been something he’s dreamed of since he was a child. Even from thousands of miles apart, shouldn’t there be a way to connect through their experiences? This question sparked the development of LucidPix.

As digital platforms have taken off, Jin knew there were more ways to better connect with loved ones. Lucid started with a 3D camera. It was a beautiful piece of engineering, but Han quickly found that most people did not want to take the time to use a device separate from their phone to create 3D photos and video. The concept has evolved into an immersive 3D experience, based completely on the smartphone you already own. The LucidPix experience pops from your screen, making you feel like you can just step into the photos and be there with family and friends. This is the goal of LucidPix … users can experience and interact with what their loved ones are experiencing and feeling. Because of this, LucidPix pushes past the mundane, flat 2D pictures and opens up a new world of texture and emotion.

With this reality, Jin’s dream of feeling closer to his own family has been realized. The app will officially launch with over one million users—all able to share with one another, with family, and with friends. From wild adventures to peaceful moments, the pictures that LucidPix helps create speak volumes in a world that craves interaction.

LucidPix is available now to download for Android and iPhone at the Play and iOS app store at no cost. The app offers unlimited 3D photo conversions and editing, exclusive LucidPix community access, and sharing to most social media and messaging platforms, with in-app upgrades that unlock a range of advanced features for a low-cost monthly or annual subscription.