Helpful Tips For DIY Wedding Photography

Planning a wedding can be stressful. From picking a location, to deciding on the menu for the reception, it can take a toll. When you add in the expense of it all, it quickly becomes overwhelming. One of the most expensive parts of a wedding that are often overlooked is hiring a professional wedding photographer, which can cost thousands of dollars. Therefore, many are considering a DIY approach to wedding photography to save some cash.

The DIY wedding movement has taken the world by storm. So much so, that even couples who choose to hire a professional wedding photographer often implement certain DIY aspects as well.

bride and groom kissing at a wedding

There are a variety of pros and cons that come with taking the DIY approach to capturing your special day. However, with proper planning and preparation, it is possible to capture stunning images, even if hiring a novice.

Whether you are planning a wedding on a budget, or just want to stray from the mainstream, DIY photography can look professional with the right tools and techniques. Check out these tips that are sure to make your DIY wedding photography mirror the pros.

Hire an Artsy Friend

Even though you aren’t hiring a professional, you still want the photos to look absolutely stunning. Therefore, it is important to get someone with some type of photography or artistic background to do the job, whether it be a family member or a friend. 

We all know that one friend or family member who has divulged into the vast world of photography. An invitation to work your wedding would surely be an opportunity to display their photography prowess.

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Whoever you choose, you need to ensure that they brush up on their photography skills. It is important to be with them in every step of the process, as learning photography in such a short amount of time may be overwhelming. 

Hiring someone you know personally will allow you to discuss your preferences more often compared to a professional photographer. You can do trial runs to ensure the chosen locations fit the bill. This will create the peace of mind that you will have an idea of how the shots will come out. 

There are many benefits of hiring a friend or family member to photograph your big day. Your friend or family member likely knows you well, and will ensure that the photos they take are truly spectacular. Furthermore, they know you better than a professional photographer, and they may know certain locations and other personal attributes that could make the photos even more special.

Consider Photo Booths

Even couples who hire a professional photographer often implement the DIY aspect into capturing the day. Photo booths are some of the most popular, as they allow anyone to easily capture an image of themselves, often with various props and funny faces! A photo booth is a great way to make the event less formal, loosen up, and have some fun. 

Employing photo booths at your wedding allow you to take the theme of DIY to the next level, as they can be built in the comfort of your own home with relatively simple materials. 


Explore a List of Possible Wedding Photographs

Similar to other facets of photography, it is important to discuss which angles, locations, and backgrounds will be used. Hiring someone you know personally can give you more time to consult with them, and get the perfect shot. 

There are a variety of shots that could be taken before, during, and after the ceremony. Taking the DIY approach allows you to have easier access to your photographer, allowing for additional shots throughout the day. 

Have Multiple Pieces of Equipment Handy

With any large event, it is important to prepare for the worst. The chef may have called out sick, or you find out the venue was double booked last second. Whatever the case may be, it is important to have a backup in mind, and photography is no different.

It is important to have a multitude of equipment at the ready in case a malfunction occurs. Ask your photographer to bring extra lenses, batteries, and even a second camera to be extra safe. Even an iPhone would do the trick. Being prepared will prevent headache later on, and give everyone a much more enjoyable experience. 

Have Two Photographers

If hiring a professional, there would likely be two or three photographers getting multiple angles of a scene. Taking the DIY approach is no different. Therefore, you should contract a few good friends or family members to capture every angle of the scene. Multiple photographers could bounce ideas off of each other, and discuss which shots would look the best. 


Things Will Go Wrong

Similar to any DIY project, it is important to expect everything won’t go according to plan, no matter how much time you spent ensuring the day would be perfect. However, oftentimes, certain parts of the day that turn sour could create some of the most stunning images, such as the bride accidentally dropping the bouquet, or an unexpected ray of light that really creates a stunning contrast.

Invest in Quality Editing Software

Editing is the pinnacle of a quality photo, and should not be overlooked. Professional photographers have the very best editing software money can buy. Although you may not go this route, it is important to at least invest in a higher quality editing software. Professional editing software allows you to curate the pictures exactly how you would like them. Whether that may be improving the contrast, scaling the image, or even creating a fun 3D picture.

Proper editing harnesses the capability to completely transform your wedding album. Editing after the event is just as important as initially taking the photos. Therefore, it is important that the chosen photographer has some editing skills under his belt as well. 

Enjoy Your Special Day

And of course, amidst all the chaos that comes along with wedding planning, be sure to enjoy your special day and try not to stress too much. Feeling relaxed and collected on your wedding day will allow you to take much better photos, and create an all around better experience. 

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