The Difference Between a Regular 2D Photo and a 3D Photo

In this blog post, we’re going to be showing you the difference between a regular 2D Photo and a 3D Photo produced by using LucidPix! Keep reading if you want to know more about how 3D pictures can enhance your photography and take a look at the example pictures below.

Captures Depth

Probably the most value-added feature of creating 3D photos, depth mapping allows the subjects to be drawn out of the picture and helps to extend it. This unique ability is prevalent in the LucidPix Photo app using the advanced AI built into it. You can choose to enhance different subjects such as an abstract image, portrait or even a selfie! Contrastingly to 2D photos, 3D capture can create greater depth and bring your photos to life.

(For a step-by-step guide on how to use LucidPix, click here!)


The process of taking a photo can vary between 2D and 3D due to the different effort levels required. Taking a 2D photo is much less involving in comparison to a 3D photo which requires a few extra steps. This is definitely one of the upsides of using 3D Photography as it’s engaging and highly interactive. You’re able to play around with different backgrounds and subjects to see what works best!


3D pictures are as close to real life as we currently can get! By using 3D photography, you can make your photo come to life. Compared to a static 2D picture, using apps such as LucidPix makes your photo look like it is literally coming out of the screen.


One of the most important aspects of photography is to have fun! 3D photography helps you to experiment and step out of your comfort zone by trying out new techniques. The LucidPix app also offers in-app entertainment such as adding unique frames to your 3D Photo and turning it into a GIF.

Get inspired!

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