LucidPix Quick Start Guide

LucidPix Quick Start Guide We’ve worked hard to make LucidPix the easiest to use 3D photo creation, editing and sharing app available on iOS and Android. The following tips and tricks from this quick start guide will help you ...

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How To Take 3D Photos

How To Take a 3D Photo

How To Take A 3D Photo A Step-By-Step Guide on How To Take A 3D Photo Using LucidPix There’s an urban legend about moviegoers in Paris watching an early silent film in the late 1800s of a train approaching the screen. Supposedly they ...

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How to Photograph a Moving Object

How to Photograph a Moving Object Photographing a moving object is one of the most difficult aspects of photography. You must choose all the right exposure settings, such as shutter speed, and aperture, and you even need the correct ...

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