Best Places to Visit in Indonesia!

Welcome to one of the most beautiful countries in South East Asia! In this blog post, we’re telling you why these are the best places to visit in Indonesia for plenty of great food, historical sites and lots of beaches.

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Perhaps the most commonly associated island when people hear “Indonesia”, Bali is one of the most popular tourist destinations around Asia. Approximately 1.1 million Australians will visit the island this year alone! Within the island, you’ll find many Aussie cafes and brunch spots that also integrate Balinese culture and architecture like this spot called Nalu Bowls. Bali is renowned for beautiful beach sunsets across the island and you’d be lucky to snag a spot at The Rock Bar (one of the best beach views on the island!). Take a look below for an example of the views you get.


The most metropolitan city in Indonesia is Jakarta. Quite a difference to the beach views of Bali, this city is Indonesia’s capital and hosts a population of over 9 million people! The city is the perfect place to explore Indonesia’s history by visiting their museums and historical landmarks (check out a list of the Top 7 Best Sights to See here). Whilst you’re in Jakarta, you can also visit their street food markets for delicious yet affordable eats.

Nusa Penida

This island is almost impossible to spot on a map because of how small it is! Located next to Bali, Nusa Penida is the ideal destination for those that want to get off the grid, switch off their phones and experience true serenity. Many tourists will travel from Bali to the island via boat that takes approximately 90 minutes. What you see with this island is what you get, clear blue oceans, perhaps some local restaurants and great diving opportunities!

Komodo Island

Any guesses as to what this island is famous for? Although it’s quite the journey to get to (a plane ride to Bali, a boat or plane ride to Labuan Bajo, and finally a boat ride to Komodo), this island is worth it. Komodo Island is famous for its lizard inhabitants, the Komodo Dragon aka the largest lizard on earth! Komodo Island is great for the adventurer. Plus, get a once in a lifetime experience of visiting their Pink Beach, an Instagram dream.

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