Best Places to Visit in Greece!

In this blog post, we’re counting down the best places to visit in Greece, so keep on reading if you’re interested in white beaches, crystal clear oceans and a lot of delicious food!

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The capital of Greece lets you step back in time and explore their ancient history. Athens is the perfect destination for those wanting to enrich their travels with tourist attractions that center around key moments in time. The Acropolis, one of Athens’ most famous landmarks, contains the remains of multiple ancient buildings, and is located above the city. Not only do travelers get to see this historical landmark, but they also get an incredible view of modern day Athens down below.


One of the most popular islands in Greece, Mykonos is only an hour flight from Athens, and what a difference 60 minutes makes! Once you arrive in Mykonos, you’ll be welcomed with sunshine, blue and white architecture and a never ending coastline. Head over to Paradise Beach (see it in 3D below!) for an upbeat and fun atmosphere. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, you can find a tucked away beach hideaway. For more things to explore in Mykonos, check out this article.


Santorini is composed of multiple picturesque towns that look out onto clear blue skies and waters. The cliffside island is also an active volcano site, in fact “the islands that form Santorini came into existence as a result of intensive volcanic activity.” The island is perfect for boutique shopping, cliffside eating, and has plenty of Instagrammable moments.


This Greek island is a highly popular traveller destination amongst British travelers with travel time as low as 3 hours from the UK, you can escape the gloomy weather of London and enter into a tropical paradise in no time! Corfu has many resorts to choose from, with family friendly destinations. For an extensive list on where to stay, check out The Mediterranean Traveller. Whilst you’re there, try out come local recipes such as “Pastitsada” and “Sofrito”.

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