7 Self Portrait Photography Ideas To Do During Quarantine

Stuck at home during these uncertain times? Always wanted to get into photography? Look no further because self-portrait photography is your answer to all your questions. Self-portrait photography only requires yourself and a camera, and if done correctly, can make some Instagram worthy posts to liven up your quarantine feed. Here are some ideas to get you started!

Recreate your favorite album cover

Album covers are a great source of inspiration. From soft indie to intense rap, album covers provide a great variety of moods to choose from. In addition, many album covers are shot in studios making it easy to shoot inside your own home.

Pink album cover of girl looking into camera.

Make Your Self Protrait 3D

Using a 3D photo app like LucidPix, you can turn your photo into 3D, no special cameras required! 3D photos add depth to your photo, so you can get really creative with your shots. Take any idea from above and make it 3D and you’ve got yourself a whole new photo! By making your photo 3D you can amplify the mood of your photo and take it to a whole new dimension.

Bring the outdoors indoors

This one is for all the plant-lovers out there. Now your plant babies can get in the photo too! If you have any house plants laying around, arrange them in front of a backdrop and see if you can get some sunlight into your shot. This makes for a great peaceful atmosphere.

Portrait photo of girl in bathtub surrounded by plants.

Recreate a magazine cover

Magazine covers are another good source of inspiration. Fashion magazines like Vogue are known for their attention-grabbing covers, so you can definitely draw inspiration from them. From in-studio shoots to the great outdoors, magazines have got you covered.

Vogue magazine cover of Phoebe Walter-Bridge in a dress.

Use Paint in Your Self Portrait

Paint is a powerful tool when used correctly. It can tell entire stories and convey emotion. You can put it on your body, use it to paint a backdrop, and numerous other things. There’s also a lot of different types of paint to experiment with like blacklight paint and neon paint. The sky’s the limit!

Use Mirrors

An interesting prop to work with are mirrors. While traditionally you would shoot a photo of yourself in a mirror, you should challenge yourself to use mirrors in other ways. Use multiple mirrors to create a kaleidoscope effect. Broken mirrors or shards of a mirror for an edgy feel. Mirrors can add an element of mystery to your photo, so don’t be afraid to use it!

Self Portrait of girl looking into mirror.

Draw on it!

This idea would be implemented in post-production, rather than in the studio. Edit the basic components of your photo like exposure and color, then take it to your favorite illustrator app and start adding illustrations! You can draw on it, or even take some vector images online and add it to the photo. It can add a playful element to your portrait or even a serious one, depending on the graphics you use.

Portrait of girl looking into camera, surrounded by images of flowers.

In Conclusion…

Just because you’re stuck in a studio doesn’t mean you have to stick to your plain backgrounds! Get creative with your indoor shoots and use our ideas above for inspiration. Don’t forget to have fun during your shoots!