4 Things To Keep In Mind When Doing Fashion Photography

Looking to get into fashion photography? Perfect timing. Social media has become a home for not just large brands like H&M and Forever 21, but small ones as well, and even influencers who are used to promote these brands! The demand is there, so now is a better time than ever to learn how to take fashion photos like a pro.

However, fashion photography is not just taking pictures of clothes, the same aspects of portrait photography still come into play, with a few extra rules. Here are 4 things to keep in mind before, during, and after a fashion photoshoot.

Know the vibe!

Before your photoshoot actually happens, you should get a feel for the brand. Three questions to ask yourself is:

  • What is the aesthetic of the company?
  • What is the company’s motto?
  • What type of clothing are they selling?

By knowing your aesthetic, you can plan out your location. Mottos let you know what your company stands for and the message they hope to convey with your photos. And knowing what clothes you’re going to be taking pictures of gives you an idea of what angles and colors you should be looking for.

Their answers to these questions should give you a general vision as to what your client is looking for in terms of vision, message, and theme, allowing you to plan your photo shoot accordingly.

Girl standing in a bright living room posing for a fashionable photo.

Choose the appropriate location

Next, plan out your location. This does get a little tricky depending on where you’re based but think of the surroundings at your location. If you’re shooting for a sports brand, try looking for parks or tracks nearby. If you’re shooting for a brand that focuses on work attire, look for an office space that you can shoot in.

Point is, you want your subjects to look natural in their environment. The brand you’re taking photos for wants their clothing to look good on people, so put your models in a setting where their clothing fits in.

Know your subject, and center it

While this depends on your client, fashion photography usually calls for the outfit to be the main focus of your photo. This means you should pose your models in positions that won’t obstruct the outfit but highlight it. Choose simple poses that keep the spotlight on the outfit.

Another important thing to note is that you should stick to full body shots! A common mistake people make is focusing on their model too much and cutting off parts of the outfit. To avoid this, make sure to remind yourself that the focus of this photoshoot is fashion, not the model.

Girl standing innocently with a blue sky as the background, for a fashion photo shoot.

Edit wisely

As tempting as it is to get creative with your edits, don’t take the focus away from your subject. Stick to simple edits like retouches and color adjustments. If you want to get a little creative, try edits that highlight your outfit.

One way to get creative is by making your photo is by using 3D photo apps to bring your outfit forward, literally! Apps like LucidPix will take a 2D photo and turn it into 3D with a single tap and the help of AI, so you can be sure your clothing will stand out. In addition, you can export it in the form of videos or GIFs, so you can be sure you’ll be able to post your 3D photo anywhere and capture the attention of many!

Fashion Photography – In Conclusion

As the fashion world increases its presence on social media, the need for fashion-related content will grow with it. Keeping these 4 things in mind will attract the attention of many brands since they know that their outfit will shine in your photos!