The Benefit of Using 3D Photos to Promote Your Company or Business

AI Developments & 3D Image Functions

With major developments in the AI industry, businesses are gaining great insight from this new goldmine of analytical data. While this AI-driven data can help increase marketing engagement for display ads, websites, and social media posts, many consumers have already adapted to seeing these ads, necessitating a new approach to boost marketing engagement rates. This is where AI technology comes in.

A great new function of AI technology is the ability to transform any regular photo into an interactive 3D image. New companies like LucidPix are thriving within this newly developed playground, where there is minimal competition and a lot of imagination. Most consumers still do not know about this application of AI, thus allowing businesses to take advantage of the new technology to attract consumer’s attention. When people are viewing a technology that is new to them, that they have never seen before, they almost certainly become intrigued and curious with it. This plays into our natural human instincts, in which, when we discover something, it becomes our natural intention to understand the object, thus bringing the full attention of the human mind to the discovery. With this phenomenon in mind, businesses have a huge opportunity for improved media reach and market expansion.

Business Applications of 3D Photos

Using freshly developed AI 3D imaging techniques for social, tradigital, and traditional media has the potential to dramatically increase marketing engagement, reach, and impressions of any normal image that a company may use. With this dramatic increase, it allows companies to get more bang for their marketing dollar, increasing their profitability along with their return on investment. These saved expenses and increased profits can propel many businesses from being unprofitable to making money on a weekly basis. The most dramatic effect might actually be found in smaller businesses, who rely on Yelp and other crowd sourcing platforms to drive customers to their business. If a small family run restaurant can get five more customers a day because of their photos, they could be going from breaking even to seeing profit growth and it could even allow them to expand and thrive in their marketplace. With so many upsides to this technology, it is a wonder why few use it as of yet.

Often, when a new technology comes along, first movers must struggle through complex processes to achieve their goal, however this does not need to be the case. There are companies, like LucidPix, that have created an easy application of AI that is simple to use with virtually no learning curve. Apps such as this are able to create 3D images with just one tap of the screen, making anybody a genius when it comes to AI technology. This allows novice users to experience the full potential of the app with minimal training time and effort. 

If you are a business owner or a marketer, this is your chance to be a first mover when it comes to 3D photography. The choice is yours, but the future is clear. AI-driven 3D photography  is here to stay and will undoubtedly increase marketing engagement along with it. You can either be a first mover and experience all the benefits of a new marketing medium, or wait until everyone else has left you in the dust.