3D Photo App Creates Connections During Quarantine

As country after country shut down during the onslaught of COVID-19, Lucid was fresh off a beta release of its new 3D photo editing app at CES 2020, called LucidPix. A 1,000,000 person waitlist for the app was formed while the team worked to continually make improvements to the artificial intelligence (AI) technology and to refine the app’s user experience. With the goal in mind to allow creators to best express themselves and engage online, feedback from these beta testers was imperative. The app felt more important than ever before as many users were suddenly limited to working, learning and engaging all from a flat, two dimensional screen. Immersive 3D imagery would certainly be able to connect family and friends in a way they haven’t been able to connect before. When pictures pop off of the screen, there is a certain liveliness that just isn’t present in regular 2D photos.

CEO and Co-founder Han Jin recognized this and the engaging communication it offers; “Now, more than ever, people are looking for an escape using online activities while staying home. As we have been forced to spend much of our days online, we have run into limitations in how we express ourselves,” said Jin. “During a time of uncertainty, we’re thrilled we can offer a creative outlet to people worldwide allowing them to share what they really see with family and friends, in all three dimensions.” 

While countries have now begun to open back up, many people are still hesitant to engage in “normal” social interaction, and we could also face another quarantine this fall—no one is really sure what might happen next. Whether it’s for day-to-day use between family and friends spread around the world and looking to share their experiences, or a unique connection during a time when our options for socialization are restricted, LucidPix offers a creative outlet that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere.  

LucidPix is now available to download for Android and iPhone. The app offers unlimited 3D photo conversions and editing, exclusive LucidPix community access, and sharing to most social media and messaging platforms, with in-app upgrades that unlock a range of advanced features.