10 Things to Photograph in 3D

If you’re constantly thinking of new and fresh ideas, it can become repetitive and sometimes even exhausting—we get it! To help spark your creativity, we’ve dedicated this blog post to 10 different things you can photograph in 3D! As a guide, we’ve also picked out example pictures so you can see exactly what works best.


The best way to get inspiration is to look up! Wherever you are, there will no doubt be some great buildings to take a look at – from historic to modern – these look even better in 3D!


Get the best photo of your dog or cat in 3D. Picture them lying down or playing catch, the depth of the photo is sure to be seen.


Send a photo of your kids to your friends and relatives in the best way possible! Try it out for a new and unique way of sharing these precious moments – like this one taken at Gjusta cafe.


Make your food pictures really stand out by capturing them in 3D (plus watch your friends drool over them!) For more on this subject, check out how to take amazing 3D food photos.

Streets & Street Art

Going to a trendy area in town? Take a quick picture of the streets and transform them with the tap of a button.


Captivate people by shooting flowers in 3D! Experiment by taking photos of different types of flowers to see how they vary in 3D capture.


Enhance and add depth to your scenic photos by shooting them in 3D!

Your Home

Although this might seem like an odd choice, furniture and homeware shoot really well in 3D! It can add dimension to the photo so if you’re sending pictures over to a friend or relative, it’ll be more realistic!

Abstract Images

Make abstract art look even cooler in 3D.


Although shooting a picture like the one below isn’t a usual thing, when you do have the opportunity, take it! Enhance your underwater photos and convert them into 3D to see a dramatic effect.

Do you agree with our list? Let us know if there are any more things you can photograph in 3D!

Get inspired!

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