LucidPix App Reviews

Our goal is to create the best 3D Photo app for Android and iPhone, and our users agree! Check out all our great reviews below. 

LucidPix Pricing

LucidPix Free


  • Unlimited Standard 3D Frames
  • Unlimited Community & Social Sharing

Add Ons:

  • Premium 3D Frames: $0.99 each
  • Remove LucidPix Watermark: $0.99 each time

LucidPix Pro

Everything in LucidPix Free, plus:

  • Unlimited Premium 3D Frames
  • Unlimited 3D Photo Capture
  • Unlimited 2D to 3D Conversions
  • Unlimited Watermark Removal


  • $5.99/mo for 1 Month OR
  • $51.99 per year
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