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Browse & scroll through thousands of exceptional art pieces and get inspired by the immense amount of creativity in your smartphone feed. Have your NFT art pieces highlighted by a smart algorithm instead of people’s subjective opinions. Store all your NFTs as a canvas in one single location to get matched with collectors whenever and wherever.

Convert 3D Art
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Convert Art To 3D

Convert any flat image and art piece to immersive 3D creations with just a quick tap of a button. No special rendering tools, coding, or editing skills are required—our smart AI assistant takes care of the job for you.

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Play Up Your Unique Style 

Embellish your art and photos with add-on effects and special features. Download your work as a jpg, gif or mp4 file to seamlessly sell on any NFT marketplace or share on Twitter and other social media platforms. We are constantly innovating and adding new effects, so check back often.

Merge 3D Art and Photos
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Merge 3D Art & Photos

There’s no need for special sensors on your smartphone, LucidPix takes anything you capture and merges it with 3D art to create a masterpiece larger than life. Our app uses AI to understand your image and find the best effect to elevate the photo. Pick from 50+ different 3D effects to create an NFT people truly want to get their hands on.

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